Experience the event LIVE & On Demand from your office or at home as you were seated in the first row.

NBForum LIVE Features:


Presentations live from the ”first row”

Get always the best angle and experience. The presentations are filmed with Full HD cameras. Includes all presentations from Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN. Find the schedule here »

Multiple camera angles

You can always watch the official broadcast, but you are also free to wonder around the venue by manually choosing other camera angles. You can also choose to “visit” the press room or the networking area at any point.

30 days on demand

All presentations will be available for you for 30 days after the event.

Wrap ups from the studio

Our Live Stream Studio is there to host post-presentation discussion during all of the seminar breaks.

Send your questions

While following the live stream, you will be able to send questions to the moderator, who might ask them on stage or during the wrap-ups at the Live stage.

Networking on the live stream

NBForum LIVE has a networking functionality. You can create yourself a profile, see who else is on the live stream, find people with similar interests and connect with others through Skype.


Join us in virtual reality

Experience the event to its fullest with a brand new Virtual Reality Live Stream. It is available to all our live stream customers with no added costs. To access the virtual reality, you need a virtual reality applicable mobile device and headset.

Experience Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN remotely

We have tailored our Live Stream for individual users as well as for your community, school or business. With the latter option, you can watch all the speeches live stream together with your class or organization and have a unique opportunity to learn and spark new ideas.


Find out which membership fee applies to you in the table below »

What is Nordic Business Forum?

Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 16th January 2017. The event will gather together around 1500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives to the Waterfront Congress Centre.

Nordic Business Forum is coming to SWEDEN for one day in January with a fresh lineup of top level speakers and a promise to put together the greatest business show in Sweden in 2017.

NBForum LIVE Pricing and Packages:

Individual user

  • For individual use
  • Speeches & presentations live
  • Presentations 30 day on demand
  • Wrap-ups from the studio
  • Send your questions
  • 1 device can access the Live Stream
Individual user 100 € + VAT*
Regular price 130 € + VAT


Schools & Businesses

  • For groups
  • Speeches & presentations live
  • Presentations 30 days on demand
  • Wrap-ups from the studio
  • Send your questions
  • 1 device can access the Live Stream
Community user 1400 € + VAT*
Regular price 1600 € + VAT

*EU-based customers: the VAT will be applied based on the customer’s country. Non-EU customers: it depends on the customer’s country’s VAT rules.

Have a question regarding the live stream? Contact us at info@nbforum.com

Live broadcast begins on January 16th 2017