Save the Date for Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN


Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN will be held on January 16th, 2017 in Stockholm.

Get ready and save the date! Nordic Business Forum is coming to SWEDEN for one day in January with a fresh lineup of top-level speakers and a promise to put together the greatest business show in Sweden in 2017.

Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN will be our first event…

Sales Professional Wanted in Jyväskylä


“You’ve got to be hungry”, Les Brown said at Nordic Business Forum 2011. That’s also our number one requirement for our sales people. You need to be hungry to develop your sales skills and yourself as a person. This hunger will also drive you to be active on the phone.

And when you are active enough,…

Bootcamp Starts Today


Our first intensive training program Bootcamp for Business Growth will start today. The coaches of the first campfire are Nilofer Merchant and Ryan Holiday.

The Bootcamp is a five-day intensive program with the world’s most cutting-edge professionals focusing on the business essentials of innovation, marketing, profitability, and execution. The program is divided into two parts. The first campfire…