NBFSweden – Going BIG: Speakers and Prices Now Published


The creator of one of Europe’s most significant business conferences launches a new major event in Sweden. Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN puts together the greatest business show on January 16th, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The speakers and event details of Nordic Business Forum’s first event in Sweden are now unveiled. Nordic Business Forum SWEDEN brings on stage the tennis Hall of Famer Andre Agassi, YouTube co-founder and former CEO Chad Hurley, AirBnB Head of Hospitality & Strategy Chip Conley, author and Harvard Law School lecturer Sheila Sheen, Rapunzel of Sweden CEO Ida Backlund, and Rails Girls founder and author Linda Liukas.

The theme of the event is: Going BIG. The world is more connected than ever, and we need higher level thinking and doing. We need to think big to go big. NBFSweden speakers will share their unique perspectives and experiences on how to break the limits and achieve big and meaningful things.

Andre Agassi shares his reflections on success and finding your purpose. Chad Hurley discusses the creation and rise of YouTube and managing its meteoric growth. Chip Conley shares his unique prescription for success and discusses how the disruptive companies, like AirBnB, are changing the way we do business and interact with the new consumer. Sheila Heen brings on the table scientific approach on the art of giving & receiving feedback and negotiation. Ida Backlund talks about how her company Rapunzel of Sweden has managed to expand to over 60 countries. Linda Liukas focuses on creativity and how to create the future.

The event will be held on Monday, January 16th, 2017 at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. Nordic Business Forum will co-organize the event together with Dagens IndustriRead more about the partnership here »

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Nordic Business Forum organizes some of Europe’s most exquisite business conferences, gathering together over 5,700 CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives from over 30 nationalities each year. Past speakers include Al Gore, Jack Welch, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arianna Huffington, Sir Richard Branson, Ben Bernanke, Simon Sinek and many others.

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