According to our findings, one of the biggest motives to participate in business seminars is networking with potential partners, clients and other similar-spirited persons. Important targets are also to strengthen the existing partner and customer relations and the possibility to learn new from both the speakers and other seminar guests.

To support the above-mentioned targets, we’ve created good and natural environment and facilities for networking – especially during breaks and lunches. This 2-day seminar gives better preconditions for networking, compared to just a 1-day seminar.

Brella networking tool

We’ve been involved in developing a new kind of networking tool, which provides you the possibility to start networking even before the seminar. With the help of Brella networking tool, you may get introduced to other seminar guests and agree to a networking meeting during the seminar. The system puts the meetings in certain time slots and certain numbered meeting tables. The use of Brella networking tool at the Nordic Business Forum 2016 is free of charge. You will be able to start using Brella in September.

Themed tables at the networking area

Network with new people around themed tables. There will be themed tables available throughout the seminar, so make the most of your breaks and choose a table with a topic of your interest to discuss over breaks.