Nordic Business Group was founded in December 2008 by Hans-Peter Siefen and Jyri Lindén. The company operated until November 2011 under the name Finnish Community of Entrepreneurship.

NBKonsernilogotSince 2009 Nordic Business Group has had two different areas of business: business development and real-estate. As both businesses grew well above the Million-Euro limit, the two businesses were decided to separate as independent subsidiaries. The new company structure was formed in early 2012.

Since then Nordic Business Forum Oy has been a subsidiary company of Nordic Business Group. The other subsidiary of Nordic Business Group is Nordic Business Investments Oy and it concentrates on real estate development.

Nordic Business Forum’s first event was organized in 2009 and over the years the annual main event has grown to be one of the most significant business seminars in Europe.

Over the years Nordic Business Forum Oy has grown from the company of two young entrepreneurs into a team of 13 full-time employees and foreign representatives in Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

Nordic Business Forum Oy’s revenue in 2015 reached 4.8 M€ while the revenue of the whole group was 11.1 M€.

In January 2013, a professional board of directors was organized to support the implementation of the company’s ambitious growth and internationalization strategy.

Company goal

Back in 2011, Nordic Business Forum Oy set a 10-year goal of developing the annual main event into one of the most noteworthy business seminars in the world. Step by step we are pursuing to reach that goal by 2021.

Company history in numbers

Below you can see the history of Nordic Business Forum Oy in numbers.

NBF_statisticsIn 2011 Nordic Business Forum Oy made a commitment to voluntary service in entrepreneurship education called Inspiration for Two. According to this commitment the company promises to give a day of entrepreneurship education to a student for every ticket sold. In addition, Nordic Business Forum Oy donates tree plants in order to compensate the computational carbon footprint of the main event.

Nordic Business Forum Oy has been recognized with the following awards: