The Finnish Soccer Player Jari Litmanen Teaches Us Time Management


I watched a documentary movie about the most successful Finnish soccer player of all times, ‘The King Jari Litmanen’. His passion in soccer really inspired me. I have always been a great fan of Jari. Now I’m even more of that.

There is a point in the movie where another great soccer player Danny Blind says with a great amount of respect in his eyes: “Every moment he…

Nordic Business Forum’s Top 5 Success Principles


As the financial statements of 2012 became ready and the year 2013 began well, I dared to publish this kind of a blog post. The success of many of you who are reading this blog is far beyond ours, yet I still believe these might be valuable ideas for anyone.

Here are our top five success principles:


Kind leadership produces results


’The way that people feel might be the most important thing for both personal and to the success of the team. People must know that you care about them, so show them appreciation regularly. Say ”thank you” often enough. Find things to celebrate. Treat people with respect.’ says the CEO of Ford, Alan Mulally (Schwartz, Gomes & McCarthy 2010).

According to the…

Proactivity to sales!


Would you like your sales to be more effective? If your answer is yes, the best solution probably is to increase proactivity in your sales process.

Sales process is the most usual bottle neck part in companies. That is the number one reason for the business to either succeed or die.

According to my own experience the best school for an entrepreneur…