Persona in Canalibus

by Petri Parvinen

Parvinen first pageContemporary research on the efficiency and effectiveness of sales hovers above two key questions: adaptive interaction and value added. 

Researchers and managers alike have noticed that the match between the customer’s and the salesperson’s personalities and interaction styles is more important than the salesperson’s personality…

Speed of Change Accelerates, Business Principles Remain

by Jukka Niemelä

Peters first pageMr. Tom Peters, a best-selling author of many business books, says most of the principles in his first masterpiece In Search of Excellence (1982) have held up “pretty well.” Most certainly they have. University students and young business professionals in their late 20’s, read that book,…

Doing Good Is Good Business Sense

PurposeWhen I started as an entrepreneur in 2003, all I saw was an interesting opportunity and a means to make money. I had never thought of business as a way of doing good or changing the world into a better place. Actually I didn’t know anything about business….

The Road to a Better Future


People say we can´t keep on growing: businesses shouldn´t grow, populations shouldn´t grow and economies shouldn´t grow. ”That´s unsustainable”, they say. That´s too pessimistic and simply wrong. Growth is the road to a better future and decline is not.

Growth makes life easier and more comfortable. If you take a look at the countries, which are in decline, you could…

Successful Goal-Setting: Realism in Short Term, Dare in Long Term!


Executive coach Jarmo Manner wrote a blog postGoal Excitement Destroys Success. The text was interesting, and it had a point. Yet I want to clarify a few things, which I think were misleading.

In his article, Jarmo points out the claim that goals bring results is a fairy tale. Jarmo is wrong. There are, of course, different kinds of research results…