From Chaos to Growth

By Esa Matikainen

Matikainen first pageFor the last few years Finland has been desperately searching for “a new Nokia”. We have already seen some successes, for which the companies Rovio and Supercell are the most prominent examples. With the right skills, timing, hard work, and in most cases with…

She Decided to Prove Them Wrong

by Jukka Niemelä

Soulaima first pageMrs. Soulaima Gourani is one of the two female business thinkers who made it in Nordic Thinkers 20 list. It is hard to believe her math teacher told her she will not get very far in her life. Tough words for a Moroccan-origin 13-year…

Love to Speak, Dare to Fail!

Torkki first page

By Juhana Torkki

A guest at Nordic Business Forum 2012 told me why he came to Jyväskylä for two days. “There are so many top speakers. I also give a lot of speeches – I hope to get new ideas I can use!”

I am sure he did….

Be Cool and Heat Things Up

by Kristal Davidson

Gratton first pageWhile the world is engaged in heated discussions on climate change, a kind of a business and management geologist Lynda Gratton propagates a rise in temperature: hot spots are her area of expertise.

Iceland, the Galápagos Islands and Yellowstone National Park – three examples for…

The Internet’s Virtual Tour De Force

By Gina-Marie Cheeseman

Jimmy Wales first pageWikipedia is a virtual tour de force on the internet. Jimmy Donal Wales, the man who created it in 2001, definitely created magic. On June 10th, 2013 we had a chance to have a discussion with this rainmaker. 

At the very top of Wikipedia’s…