The Leadership Secrets of Manchester United Legend Sir Alex Ferguson


The host of BBC ”CEO Guru” Steve Tappin has been studying the leadership secrets of the most successful football manager in the history.

He published a list of Sir Alex´s leadership secrets. Here is a list of his seven leadership secrets, which I summarized to a sentence or two. It’s good to know that Sir Alex has some credibility concerning leadership….

Happiness Means Profit

By Ville Saarikalle

web-016-SaarikalleVilleDSC0480-2It has become a clear fact that a great place to work makes good business sense. Henry Stewart, Chief Executive of the training company Happy Ltd., has some valuable thoughts to share about the subject. In his book ‘The Happy Manifesto’ he quotes many pieces of research by Gallup…

Arnold Schwarzenegger – A Man of Many Talents

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Some people have wondered what Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing at a high quality business seminar. He is well-known for being a great bodybuilder and movie star but has he really something to tell for business audience as well?

The answer is: Yes, he surely has. If you haven’t read his book Total Recall, I strongly recommend you to do…

What REALLY Works?


Management is the big thing of the last century. It has come all the way from Fredrick Taylor to Peter Drucker and finally, to today´s pop psychology. But what really works in management? Or is this ”art of getting things done” just a bubble when everything just depends on the context where management actually happens?

Management has its sceptics –…

How Can We Make Better Choices in Life?

Ville Saarikalle

In 1985 the president of Intel, Andy Grove, faced a very difficult choice to make: should they stop the business with memory chips. For a while the company had been the world´s only source of memory chips and the whole business had been built on memory devices.

Meanwhile, one Intel team had developed a new product, the microprocessor, which IBM…