Networking Supercharged


Business seminars are a great setting for networking with potential partners, clients and other similar-spirited people. In fact, networking is one of the biggest motives to participate in business seminars.

The right attitude towards networking is not “what I can gain” from the new relationship, but a deep interest in “what I can learn from this person”.

It has also been said that givers…

Growth Is Not the Solution to the Problem


I attended an unbelievably good four-day intensive business administration course in late March in Austin, Texas. The trainer throughout the four full days was Keith Cunningham. Keith is a really successful entrepreneur from Texas. He made fortunes in Cable-TV and real estate businesses already in his twenties. As these are very capital intensive businesses, he went bankrupt at the…

Is It Wise to Internationalize?

web-010-SiefenHansPeterDSC0458mMany companies try hard to increase their sales by expanding to new markets. Is it always wise? The answer is no, not always.

It is not always reasonable to expand to new markets. The growth might still be much easier in your own country or even just in your own town….